Salsa Etiquette Policy


The intention of this document is to highlight appropriate Salsa etiquette such that camaraderie and respect flourish in our Salsa Community.


First, to define some of the words that will be referred to in the Salsa etiquette policy below.

1. Definition of poaching:


TRANSITIVE  to persuade someone to leave a group or organization and become a member of yours, especially by using secret or dishonest methods.

to persuade someone to stop buying products or services from a company and start buying them from your company insteadespecially by using secret or dishonest methods.

to take something (students, venues or otherwise) such as an idea that belongs to someone else, especially by using secret or dishonest methods, and use it for your own benefit.

2.  Define Salsa:

       For the purposes of this document, Salsa will include all the genres taught in the SBK community – that is Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba.

Application:  Once students are aware of the basic policy guidelines, they can actively assist in keeping harmony among the community by advocating for what is appropriate, acceptable and respectable as defined in the policy below.

Salsa Etiquette Policy for Cape Town:

  1. It is unacceptable to poach or groom students, student teachers, or performance dancers from other schools whether at Salsa socials, at formal classes, or via social media.
  2. It is unacceptable to poach an existing Salsa friendly venue that another school is already using to host their Salsa events at, or that another school has already fostered a Salsa relationship with previously.
  3. It is unacceptable to promote an upcoming competing event at another event, especially knowing that it will clash with the current event at some point in the future; whether the promotion is by word of mouth, flyers, business cards or other marketing techniques.
  4. It is unacceptable to down talk another Salsa teacher or promoter at any event, lesson or on social media.
  5. The priority should be to grow the base of the Salsa community, and not to steal the hard work and dedication of others. 

Reason for unacceptability:

The poaching of individuals and venues breaks down relationships in the community and creates an ambience of negativity.  This results in students leaving the salsa community and further in social venues being closed due to poor attendance.


The community is responsible for ensuring that everyone respects this policy and is able to work within this framework.  The community needs to be the voice that reminds others of the rules set out in the Salsa etiquette Policy and advocate for appropriate behaviour.  The community should aim to support events that are respectful and friendly to all in the Cape Town Salsa community.