1. Can I/Should I learn all three dances at once?

Yes! It is better for your co-ordination to learn more than one dance. It makes you an all round better dancer. A particular understanding in one dance may help you in another. Practicing each of the dances to the correct music will help your mind separate the different movements and hearing the differences in the  music.

2. When can I move to the next level?

We suggest to all students that levels should be repeated at least three times. The first time is for learning steps and co-ordination. The second time is for picking up technique and the third time is for learning the musicality applicable to that level. As much as we structure our courses into 8 weeks, learning a dance takes time. It is a new skill that your body and mind must acquire. Practice makes perfect!

3. What shoes must I wear?

Dance shoes are ideal. They help with your posture and the steps learnt. Otherwise shoes that hold your feet and are not sticky on the floor will do. Be careful of tekkies (sneakers) that have a lot of grip, these can cause damage to your knees and ankles when doing spins.  Ladies be careful of heals found in your cupboard, if they are too heavy or flimsy they can also cause you harm. 

4. Do I need a partner for class?

No you don’t. We change partners throughout our classes. This is better for your growth as a dancer. It is, however, very helpful to bring friends of both sexes, so as to keep the classes as balanced as possible. Having enough leads and followers is better for everyone!

5. Are there age limits to dancing?

No there are not. We have classes for adults at this stage therefore it is not for children. We welcome teenagers to our classes, as long as they come with a family member (parent/guardian).

Life’s a journey, dance it!

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