Kizomba Classes

We bring you Kizomba Fusion, traditional Kizomba combined with sexy Tarraxinha and Urban Kiz.

Kizomba is a gorgeously sensual dance originating from our very own Angola! This rhythmic dance mixes traditional Semba with Angola’s merengue creating movement and music within which to utterly lose oneself!

Kizomba is fast becoming one of the most popular dances at Latin and Salsa festivals worldwide, enjoying entire dance floors and thousands of dancers to itself! Come and experience it in Cape Town! All our courses run in 8 week cycles.

Kizomba Level 1

Kizomba Level 1 uses all 8 weeks of the course to take you through the many basics traditional elements of Kizomba. We teach you clear lead and follow technique so that you can dance with anybody! You will learn the musicality of Kizomba and learn to express this in your own dancing.


@ Liguria Ristorante, cnr or Napier & Jarvis streets, Waterkant, Cape Town.

7.15pm- Kizomba Level 1

Join us any time, we will help you catch up if necessary!

Kizomba Level 2

In Kizomba Level 2 we add many more steps and patterns to your dancing, teaching you to combine the steps you have already learnt with many new ones. We add Urban Kiz and musical fusion to your dancing so to improve your expression to music.


@ Liguria Ristorante, cnr or Napier & Jarvis streets, Waterkant, Cape Town.

This class is on pause at the moment. We will start again soon!

Our classes follow strict Covid-19 Protocols, masks are essential and we sanitize constantly.

The professionalism and sheer joy one experiences in their class in amazing. Carlos and Lani are dedicated and skilled teachers.

Alice Liebenberg

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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