Fees & Discounts

We propose that the more you do the less you pay! Here are our fee structures, discount options and specials.

Course = 1 x2 hour class per week, over 4 weeks
All fees are paid per month (every 4 weeks).

Prices per person:

1 Course- R600 per month  R200 Discount!

2 Courses- R900 per month                           R300 Discount!

3 Courses- R900 per month                          R900 Discount!

Drop-in classes are R200 per week (remember a class is 2 hours in length)

Private lessons

(Individuals or couples)

X4 lessons (1 hour, once a week) – R1400                   *Must complete in 5 weeks

Bottomless Special:
X8 lessons (1 hour, twice a week) – R2800                                                                         
 + join any and all group classes for free!                   *Must complete in 5 weeks

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Our standard entrance fee to socials is R50, unless there is a special event.

Wonderful Salsa classes with Carlos and Lani, what a fantastic experience and great exercise.

Sebastiaan Thoolen

Life’s a journey, dance it!

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