Fees & Discounts

We propose that the more you do the less you pay! Here are our fee structures, discount options and specials.


Our current fees are adapted to the lock-downs that we have been experiencing:

Beginners Tuesday Course – R150 per week, R600 for x4 weeks and you learn all three dances!

Friday Beginners Class- R100 for Bachata and Kizomba + entrance to the social

Saturday Beginners Class – R100 for Salsa beginners + entrance to the social

Following is our our fees structure as it was before Covid-19 Lock-downs, we are going to get here again soon!

Course = 1 class per week over 8 weeks
All fees are paid per month (every 4 weeks).


1 Course- R400 per month 

2 Courses- R600 per month                           R200 Discount!

3 Courses- R750 per month                          R450 Discount!

Unlimited Special– R1000 per month – gets you into any and all classes on your level! Up to 32 classes per month!                R2200 Discount!


*Couple and group fees to be paid via eft in one payment.

1 Course- R600 per month            (only R300 each)               R200 Discount!

2 Courses- R900 per month            (only R450 each)               R700 Discount!

3 Courses- R1200 per month        (only R600 each)               R1200 Discount!

Unlimited Special– R1500 per month (only R750 each) –   R4900 Discount!
Gets you into any and all classes on your level!
Up to 32 classes each per month!                                           


1 Course- R900 per month            (only R300 each)               R300 Discount!

2 Courses- R1300 per month          (only R433 each)              R1100 Discount!

3 Courses- R1650 per month        (only R550 each)                R1950 Discount!

Unlimited Special– R2100 per month (only R700 each)        R7500 Discount!
Gets you into any and all classes on your level!
Up to 32 classes each per month!                                           

Private lessons

(Individuals or couples)

X4 lessons (1 hour, once a week) – R1400                   *Must complete in 5 weeks

Bottomless Special:
X8 lessons (1 hour, twice a week) – R2800                                                                         
 + join any and all group classes for free!                   *Must complete in 5 weeks

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Our standard entrance fee to socials is R50, unless there is a special event.

Wonderful Salsa classes with Carlos and Lani, what a fantastic experience and great exercise.

Sebastiaan Thoolen

Life’s a journey, dance it!

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