The fastest way to learn salsa!

Learning can be frustrating.  Many people get very despondent with how slowly they progress when they start to salsa. They lose confidence and think that maybe the dance is just not for them.


Salsa, like anything in life is learnt by practice. Therefore, the quickest way to learn how to dance salsa is by immersion. Immerse yourself in the dance. Find a place to dance as many nights of the week as possible. Contact us if you are unsure of where you can go in Cape Town.

We have lately taken a beginner to an advanced level within 6 weeks merely because she danced 5 nights a week! The more hours you put in, the quicker your ability and confidence will grow.

When you are out dancing, dance with everyone! Be certain to dance with those who are better than you as well as with those who are at your level. Dancing with someone at your own level is great, you learn and play and practice together. Dancing with someone who is above your level is like a free 4 minute private lesson. Every move is a lesson learnt- cherish it! Every track is an opportunity- don’t waste the music!

Another means of immersion is to listen to salsa music- all the time. Salsa music is very complex and many hear it simply as a whole lot of noise in the beginning of their salsa journey. The more you listen to Salsa music the more your ear and then your body will be able to understand it and respond to it. So, fill up your Ipod with some amazing salsa tunes and play it all day.

Here’s to hours and hours of fun!

Immerse yourself!

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