Course Schedule

Salsa, Kizomba and Bachata Classes in Cape Town!

Tuesdays 112 Loop  street (5th floor)

7pm-8pm – Intermediate LA Style Salsa

7pm-8pm – Ladies Styling (Beginners & Improvers)

8pm-9pm – Beginners LA Style Salsa

8pm-9pm – Improvers LA Style Salsa

Wednesdays 1st Floor, KFC Building, Gabriel Road, Plumstead

7.30pm- 8.30pm Beginners LA Style Salsa

Thursdays 112 Loop Street, 5th floor

7pm-8pm – Kizomba Beginners

7pm-8pm – Kizomba Improvers

8pm-9pm – Bachata Beginners

8pm- 9pm- Bachata Improvers


Saturdays @ 112 Loop Street, 5th floor:

Private Lessons available by appointment from 12pm-4pm

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