~Inspirations in Playfulness~

You can learn so much in dancing and salsa by watching! When you are not dancing yourself, watch the people around you dance. In this way you share their joy and you learn from them.

But it is also important to watch the people who are not around you dance- thanks to YouTube! I have always found that on the days when I have spent a few hours watching my favourite dancers dance, I dance so much better!! I sometimes even catch myself pulling off moves and shines never tried before but that I saw a few times in the day!

So, to inspire you, here are two of my latest inspirations! Devour these clips; they are gorgeous!

I absolutely LOVE the musicality and playfulness of this dance:

This next one doesn’t have the best quality but it is still well worth watching these ladies have a ball with Shaka Brown!

Happy watching and Happy Dancing!!

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