Following and its Intricacies…

Following- some seem to think it is a rather mindless activity. They are wrong. Following involves intricacies unthought-of by many a dancer. In my experience there are two main goals to following. The first is listening to your partner. This is not listening with your ears, but with everything else in your body. It isContinue reading “Following and its Intricacies…”

3 Reasons to be Grateful for Salsa!!!

Here are some reasons why I am grateful to be a Salsera: Pain– After a great evening of salsa dancing you should be in pain. Normally people experience pain as bad, however this kind of pain is very good. It is the sore body of someone who has had a wonderful work-out. It is aContinue reading “3 Reasons to be Grateful for Salsa!!!”

~Inspirations in Playfulness~

You can learn so much in dancing and salsa by watching! When you are not dancing yourself, watch the people around you dance. In this way you share their joy and you learn from them. But it is also important to watch the people who are not around you dance- thanks to YouTube! I haveContinue reading “~Inspirations in Playfulness~”

MZANZI Cape Town Salsa Festival!!!

This year South Africa is hosting its first International Salsa Festival right here in the Mother City! International Salsa congresses happen on every weekend throughout the year, all around the world! And this year, one of these amazing events is happening in Cape Town!  Here are some reasons as to why this should not beContinue reading “MZANZI Cape Town Salsa Festival!!!”

Does your timing suck?

I don’t mean in life, for that you’ll need more than just our help! I mean in Salsa. What is the correct timing for L.A Style Salsa or Salsa-on-1? How do you find the first beat? Do the rest of the beats matter? The first beat is important. It is where it all starts, andContinue reading “Does your timing suck?”